Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Madness

Amish Market & Home: 9.05 miles
Tandem Pedal Time: 52 minutes, average speed 10.2

imageFebruary continues to produce winter-type weather this year in Minnesota. We are already halfway through the month and are fearful we will not get another opportunity for a bike ride this second month of 2013. So, we bundled up on this chilly Wednesday evening, making sure to have face covering, and forced the bike up the driveway to put on just a few miles. The bike fought us the entire length of our driveway, slipping and sliding on the snow and ice but once on the paved road, she came around and provided a very enjoyable ride.

We have hope that March will bring temperatures more conducive to biking so that we can truly declare the beginning of our 2013 biking season.