Friday, May 18, 2012

COWS Spring Rally-Port Washington, WI

Day 1— Port Washington to Cedarburg and back: 27.24 miles
TANDEM: Ride Time was 2 hours 41 minutes, average speed: 10.8

The 4-hour trip to Port Washington was a breeze compared to our last COWS adventure in Alabama. We reached Port Washington before noon and awaited a call from Kathi & John Johnson to verify lunch plans. John and Joan Laabs also checked in and plans were set to meet at the Dockside Deli along Lake Michigan. Jean and John White, new COWS members from Missouri, joined our group. After lunch, we began biking along the planned route for rally day 1 which passed through Port Washington and then turned southwest towards Cedarburg before returning via the Interurban Trail—a 30-mile paved trail completed in 2002 which spans the entire length of Ozaukee County.


A short break was unanimously decided as we came upon the Chiseled Grape Winery. This unique winery was housed in a renovated old school house and offered wine tastings which was enjoyed by the wine connoisseurs in our group. Back in Port, we decided an afternoon cocktail would add a nice touch to this great riding day. The pub we chose, Sir James, had a dark, medieval charm to it and included a friendly bartender who took good care of us.



Today’s route was full of scenic backgrounds which we fully enjoyed as we slowly rolled along. The view of Lake Michigan from the pier was spectacular with clear turquoise water sparkling under the bright sunny sky—a wonderful start to the 3-day weekend with members of our COWS tandem club.

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