Sunday, May 20, 2012

COWS Spring Rally—Port Washington, WI

Day 3—Breakfast Ride: 30.64 miles
TANDEM: Ride Time was 2 hours 19 minutes, average speed: 13.1

We gathered at 8:00 a.m. for this final day of riding ending the 2012 COWS spring rally. Beth and Pat did a super job hosting this event. It seems they did have an angel watching over them providing care and good weather throughout. We biked most of today’s miles before stopping for breakfast and again it was a wonderful day of riding. We biked the roads towards Cedarburg one more time and then finished by biking back to Port Washington on the Interurban Bike Trail.



Our group stopped for breakfast at Newport Shores. The brunch buffet was awesome. A photo shoot took place following our meal and Don Zietlow provided us with a final circus act when he dropped his sunglasses below the boulders we were posing on. It took newbie, John White, to snake his long arm down between the rocks to fish the glasses out—that’s true club dedication!


What a memorable rally. We travelled new routes, met new friends and gathered with friends we haven’t seen since last biking season. Port Washington is a quaint little village which helped make this spring rally a success. Saying good bye was easier as we would all be seeing each other again soon, either at the COWS Wrangler ride on the Root or at the Midwest Tandem Rally in Madison, Wisconsin—Life truly is good!

Total Rally Biking Miles: 117.50

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