Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Ride

Winona Loop: 67.48 miles Ride Time to Winona was 1 hour 55 minutes, average speed: 16.6 Ride Home was 3 hours 25 minutes, average speed at finish: 12.6

Beautiful weather returned today beckoning us to increase our pedaling distance so we set our destination for Winona. Getting to Winona was a comfortable ride. We suspected the wind was at our back and anticipated a more gruesome trip home. We watched the many flags flying in the breeze and just geared ourselves for a challenging ride back home but not before we had a rest and visit with family in Winona.
Mom & Dad Storsveen were grilling burgers and brats for lunch and we accepted their offer to join them. As we pulled up to their house, brother Rob was there with his shiny red motorcycle and brother Paul and sister Lynn were also on hand for a wonderful photo opportunity—it couldn’t have been planned any better. We were missing sister Jean but she will be arriving from Washington State soon and we will be gathering together again then.
image Views along our bike route to Winona, MN
imageA rare family photo opportunity meets us in Winona
As predicted, the ride back towards St. Charles was brutal and took us a total of 3.5 hours pedal time to achieve. We took many stops along the way to rest and received one phone call from Mom wondering how we were doing—Mom always seems to call when we are biking up a hill but Dennis always does a good job picking up the slack. We had a wonderful journey today and were excited to see four other cyclists along our route. Who knows, maybe our neighborhood roads will become a common travel corridor for cyclists in the near future. It’s always a joy to share our smiles of fulfillment with others as we quietly pedal by.
imageOld Glory waving us on towards home on this memorable Memorial Day ride

May 2012—Total Biking Miles 420.49
Accumulative Miles 1038.57

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